The original oak burr Faaborg Chairs in the large exhibition hall at the Faaborg Musem in Denmark.

In 1914, at just 26 years of age, Kaare Klint designed a unique furniture set for the Faaborg Museum on the Danish island of Funen in collaboration with architect Carl Petersen. The joint effort resulted in the birth of the Faaborg Chair - a design that would later prove to be the first modern Danish design classic.

The Faaborg Chair is an integral part of the total work of art that the Faaborg Museum represents, and as such can be regarded as art in its own right. As the chair turns 100 this year, it continues to hold its place as a masterpiece of Danish furniture design and inspire many of today's furniture designers.

The story of modern Danish furniture design began with Kaare Klint at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, where he founded the Department of Furniture Design. As a furniture designer, Kaare Klint exerted considerable influence over the history of Danish furniture - not only through his own works, but also as a source of inspiration and a teacher for a number of Danish furniture designers who later paved the way for the golden age of Danish design.


The Faaborg Chair in a mahogany edition.

In his work, Kaare Klint drew on classic furniture design, which he simplified without compromising either design or quality. He sought continuity and renewal through the refinement of tradition. His works, and the Faaborg Chair in particular, advanced the transformation from neoclassicism to modernism and symbolized a return to traditions with a focus on individual renewal and expression.

The Faaborg Chair ushered in a new era for Danish design, creating a foundation for its development and what we have come to associate with the Danish Modern phenomenon, which put Danish design on the world map in the 1950s. The movement proved to be a design treasure trove that has continued to inspire generations. So it is with good reason that Kaare Klint is recognized as the father of Danish furniture design.


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