Rud. Rasmussen´s Snedkerier is one of Danmarks oldest furniture makers. The workshop building itself dates back to 1911 and was a National industrial monument in 2008.

In the drying cellars logs and planks of oak, ash, maple, Oregon pine, mahogany, European Cherry and teak dries from 6-12 months before further processing is commenced.

For Mogens Koch´s bookcase system the wood is cut into panels which are then hand-sorted and fitted together according to shades, tones and grains in order to achieve the most harmonies expression in the bookcases.

Mogens Koch´s bookcases are provided with back covers in the joinery.

In the joinery, lock and key pin are carefully fitted to the doors for the Mogens Koch cabinets. The doors for the cabinets are carefully fitted to each individual unit.

Mogens Koch´s Folding Chair is assembled, provided with covers and arm straps before being packed and dispatched.

The processed wood elements from the machinery are assembled to finished furniture in the joinery; frames for sofas, armchairs, coffee tables, all produced in small batches at different intervals according to demand.

Goat skins in red, black and nature, oxhides in a wide variety of colors and textures and classic textiles such as the Greek striped Fabric are commonly used on our upholstered furniture.